Matching arts and research. I was at Hacking Global Pop Icons #ZHdK

One of the best things happened this last summer after the street parade (lol) was the “Hacking Global Pop Icons” event, a practice-based summer school at the Zurich University of Arts #ZHdK under a cooperative platform called “Shared Campus” between eight arts universities from Europe and Asia. That’s a lot of work to coordinate!!

So in that context, one day I received an email from Leu Rada -who besides her amazing work at the university has a performance trio I discovered on internet and loved it immediately- inviting me to give a Presentation about my research on dating apps.

The also very artistic, kind and professional coordinators

then welcomed me and from dating stories to comics of Justin Wong we ended up some days later at the exhibition with the local and international students presenting performances and artworks resulting from this summer school. The students were astonishing at the Kino Roland, an old erotic cinema who hosted the «TNDR LAUNCH NIGHT»

Check here Ella’s work and the making of.

Some other works that kicked ass are shared below:

Nothing else to say.

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