How does Tinder work? More interrogations than answers.

DAS JAHRZEHNT – Tinder hat in den letzten zehn Jahren grundlegend verändert, wie wir uns finden und lieben. Nur wie genau? Antworten hat Jessica Pidoux, die in Lausanne zu den Mechanismen hinter Online-Dating forscht.

Ann Mbuti interviewed me recently and wrote an article for SPEX available on her website.

It’s not only a gratification to see my name in a German text, but a great opportunity to meet a journalist like Ann looking for a better understanding of your research and not only staying on the surface to publish sensationalist topics.

Great questions and great catch of what I said, we spoke about stereotypes reflected in data, technical challenges in dating apps to gather relationships’ complexity and human-algorithmic biases.

If you don’t get it in German use hihi

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