HackCOVID Léman March 28th 2020

Today I had a great day! I participated in a very fruitful experience understanding the pandemic, envisioning solutions, and the best part is that we discussed a lot, great people all around the world from different disciplines. We were not just building new apps.  I really understood the advantage of interdisciplinary work by being in a space where everybody wanted to contribute with something, that was listening and being heard.

We had a good kick-off with Paul-Olivier Dehaye from personaldata.io and Miles Fahlman, medical anthropologist, that you can listen to here: Anthropology of SARSCoV and Research into SARS CoV2 COVID19 HCoV19 –> Highly recommended as he already experienced and studied this situation, Here is a link to his study.

Then we joined the group Data Anthropology discussing around people lifestyles, factors of contagion and propagation according to those lifestyles and ethical related issues in relation to data collection, analysis, sharing and the risks of harming. What about people who can’t share data, who do not want to share date, who does not have to be traced necessarily. What about stigmatizing social categories identified with data tracing?

There is an online questionnaire* that we encourage you to answer. Please share with us the way you live to understand better how the COVID-19 affects you.

FR: https://bit.ly/2UEtvKg

EN: https://bit.ly/2QS2jX4

ES: https://bit.ly/2JmDBtX

DE: https://bit.ly/2Usl1Hg

*Home made by Judith, Rémi, Miles, myself, and translated with a lot of love by friends.

More info about our group here: https://wiki.personaldata.io/wiki/Events/HackCovid/2020-03-28/Group3

More info about the hackathon and the other groups contribution here: https://wiki.personaldata.io/wiki/Events/HackCovid/2020-03-28

We continue working on the project to submit a proposal to versus Virus hackathon if you want to join write us at jessica.pidoux@epfl.ch

Our challenge is to model people’s lifestyles in relation to factors of contagion and propagation with a close link to ethical issues.

Keep high the motivation, there is a lot to do in the current situation, and most of all… TAKE CARE!

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