Want to fight against COVID19?

To continue our project started at the HackCOVID Léman last Saturday with personaldata.io my group Data Anthropology & Ethics has submitted a challenge to versus virus Hackathon this April 3-5. Kick off this Friday ! Deadline to register as a participant tomorrow April 2 so if you like the challenge presented below register here https://app.versusvirus.ch/signup/steps/1 and enter my e-mail to join my team: jessica.pidoux@epfl.ch

Mapping Social Contours (safe zones) to Increase Societal Trust, Rebuild Communities, and Restart the Economy


The virus spread is contingent on lifestyles factors and characteristics of communities. The limitation of interpersonal relationships decreases societal trust, is weakening economy and disrupting societies.


Identifying safe social contours that minimize risk of infection to allow for public reintegration and re-energizing the economy to rebuild community relationships


Modelling lifestyles from questionnaire results we are collecting, and identifying “social contours” (areas outside pandemic risky zones) to allow trusted societal integration at variable safe proximity. Restarting services, economic industry, leisure and socialization important to thriving communities.


We need experts from different fields (bioethics, computational biology, SHS) to analyze results of a questionnaire about lifestyles from which we can create social network graphs, identify areas of risk, model social factors and virus characteristics of spread with causal diagrams. We’ll use the resources to map social contours and interrupt the pathways of transmission.


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