EPFL Researcher requests Dating Apps Users opinion

I am a researcher interested in dating services and I am currently gathering opinions about personal features used in online forms to evaluate subjects, their potential partners and sometimes their former ones.

Are you a dating apps user?

I am seeking participants for this study. I know your time is valuable. However, by taking part in my study you will contribute to scientific knowledge. The aim is to gain insight about how appropriate are woman and man being evaluated through personal categories when they are pursuing a romantic partner or any other type of affectionate encounter.

Your answers will be completely anonymous and analysed in combination with other participants’ responses.

If you wish to take part in this study you can click on the link below.


You will be asked to make a classification of personal criteria used on the dating sites to evaluate the attractiveness of a person.

Participating in this study will take you 1 hour. If the task is too tiring you can save your answers and complete the study later. But I need you to finish before Wednesday 15.08.2018.

If you have questions do not hesitate to write me at jessica.pidoux@epfl.ch

Thanks in advance for your opinion !


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