[JADH2018] Upcoming conference “Leveraging Open Data” where I will present my research methodology

Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

On September 11th, what a date I know, I will be presenting my research methodology at the Eighth Conference of Japanese Association for Digital Humanities (JADH2018) “Leveraging Open data” that will take place in Hitotsubashi-Hall, Tokyo, Japan.

Below is my session’s program on Tuesday morning. The conference is called “Matching methods: new approaches for the study of the Online Dating phenomena.”

Source: https://conf2018.jadh.org/session.html#A3

My presentation will introduce a mixed methodology I am currently working on combining qualitative and quantitative analysis, whose principal objective is to elucidate the matching process of dating apps and its impact on actors by analysing the features of their openly-accessible interfaces. Instead of inferring user behavior from sensitive data and pervasive unethical methods my goal is to understand the apps affordances from their structure and how this influence, in part, the production of data and the matching algorithms creating online encounters.

My work is supported by the amazing data analyst Luis Medina. This is a methodology that contributes to scientific knowledge by mixing different ways of thinking and skills: a sociologist and an engineer teaming up for a better understanding of dating apps culture.

I am really looking forward to hear digital humanists opinion on the preliminary results I will present to move forward.


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