Social contouring: our proposal to fight against COVID-19

Framing the problem from a societal perspective

As the novel coronavirus spreads globally, it has become apparent the contagion moves along the contours of human lifestyles and culture. The virus spreads in alignment with risks inherent with human behaviours, with some activities more hazardous than others. Epidemic spread has been studied through communities. Earlier research has shown that the response within local communities and the traffic between communities is an important factor in the spread and mitigation of the virus. … Read the rest

Want to fight against COVID19?

To continue our project started at the HackCOVID Léman last Saturday with my group Data Anthropology & Ethics has submitted a challenge to versus virus Hackathon this April 3-5. Kick off this Friday ! Deadline to register as a participant tomorrow April 2 so if you like the challenge presented below register here and enter my e-mail to join my team:

Mapping Social Contours (safe zones) to Increase Societal Trust, Rebuild Communities, and Restart the Economy

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