“Dating Privacy” Collective Launch: Our Plan To Change the ‘Data for Dates’ Paradigm –

Illustration by Olivier Dorsaz @yeahmencan

This Friday 12th Feb at 19h30 Swiss Time

[Version en Français ci-dessous]

The world of online dating didn’t escape surveillance capitalism—little you tell your dating app(s) remains private.

So while you craft a profile, chat, swipe, date and date again, know that your trusty digital matchmaker (Tinder, Grindr, OkCupid, Parship, Hinge, etc.) is sharing personal data with numerous third parties. This means not only unwanted ads, but also harms resulting from incorrect profiling and predictions, the possibility of phishing and … Read the rest

Matching arts and research. I was at Hacking Global Pop Icons #ZHdK

One of the best things happened this last summer after the street parade (lol) was the “Hacking Global Pop Icons” event, a practice-based summer school at the Zurich University of Arts #ZHdK under a cooperative platform called “Shared Campus” between eight arts universities from Europe and Asia. That’s a lot of work to coordinate!!

So in that context, one day I received an email from Leu Rada -who besides her amazing work at the university has … Read the rest

A #FAILED interview: dating apps responsibilities

Illustration by oliv dorsaz @oabsolu

Two months ago a journalist contacted me to write a “piece about dating apps responsibilities”, as he called it.

I answered immediately because he was referred by an acquaintance who is doing an amazing job in data protection and digital rights. Maybe there was too much enthusiasm though… The guy never answered and I did not find the article online! haha

So I thought about sharing my text/opinion with any wandering people coming to … Read the rest